mardi 3 mai 2016

How packing jewelry for a trip

Hi bats, 

I was super busy those last 15 days. My first 2016 months were very hard, I dealed with health problems. I had a rare and shitty CHD. I never know when my heart will be in good mood. Now, I've changed my treatment. Cross your fingers for me please. 

However I worked hard for catch my late : commissions and new paintings for an exhibition in a outsider art fair. 
Now it's time to be off for the show in south of France. During 15 days I will be far from home. I prepared my luggage. One big question for me, I guess for goth ( and probably non goth people) is packaging well my jewelry. 

I took with me a lot of stuff for all occasions: exhibition opening, exhibition days, lazy days, travel days.... I love chain things and if I pack all together I will find a terrible node bag. 
If you experiment the same problems this is my solution. It's not really glamour but very practical: pack carefully each necklace, bracelet, choker in a small plastic bag. I use small plastic bag for aliments fridge storage. 

It's just perfect and now I can put all my mess in my bathroom bag. 

Have a nice day all. I will post about my travel, stay tuned. 

jeudi 14 avril 2016

OOTD: join the hunt

Today we did a walk with my man's son and his girlfriend. It was pretty shiny outside. We wanted to show some nice places in woods to the fiancée. Even for a walk I have special attention for my outfit. First because I work at home and going outside is always an event and in second hand because I can't go out without feeling pretty. Is this sound weird to you ?

I wore my favorite second hand leather coat. I've found it in a second hand store few years ago. I love it. The color is dark green, not black. Who cares ? 

I'm am huge fan of Supernatural since the beginning. I follow each week the Winchester's journey and have a special crush for Castiel and Crowley. So, today I wore my SPN loose tank top. I've found it on eBay.

We are the weirdos, elder weirdos of course ! 
Waiting teens very seriously. 
First teen 
Second teen recreating an old photo we did 7 years ago 

dimanche 10 avril 2016

OOTD: spring time and art market

As you perhaps know I'm an illustrator and printmaker. It's my job, for real. When spring come, with my man we participate to art makers markets and fair. Sometime with our caravan under the name of Duo Desordre 
Today was our first fair outside. We had chance to have a sunny, warm, springy day. 
What I wore ? 
- velvet H&M dress
- thrifted belt 
- eBay chain belt 

-Polette sunglasses 
- Killstar velvet hat 
-chain choker from Gypsy warrior 
- skull and crosses necklace from BleedingHD ( Etsy) 
- weird bearded man made in Mulhouse, one of a kind

Hope you have a great week end too ! 

samedi 9 avril 2016

Fairy holes, oppidum and dogs

Hello bats,

Not really a goth post but today we hiked trough woods to see fairy cups. I must admit that I don't know what it was but there are some holes in rocks around a Celtic oppidum Heidenstadt or pagan city. 
We walked following the archeological path. The oppidum is the Latin name of city or village build on a hill during 1st and 2nd century before JC with fortifications. The ruins, close to my hometown, are important and we also have Romans old roads ruins. 

In the oppidum discovering offering cups ( fairy cups for my grand'ma ) for Celtic cult. 
The yellow dog is my mom's dog and the basset is our dog, a Gascony blue basset which is a rare breed for hunting. I don't think our will be good for hunt actually. He's just cute and nice. 
Engraved, by Romans,menhir border between public domain ( PVB) 
Tired after hiking.

mardi 5 avril 2016

MAKE UP GOALS: cleopatra style

The last week was terrible. The flu sucked all my energy, the fever too. Friday I was desperate because drugs changed nothing and I had, still have, an amount of work waiting me. But I was so tired that I can't leave my couch. So Friday I received a new drug and hopefully after a night full of fever and nightmares I slowly recovered. I still feel tired, but I can work and it's the more important.
However, during those shitty days off when I didn't sleep I scroll Pinterest and and particularly make up. 
I love make up very much. I love especially eye make up. 
My favorite inspiration came from Egypt / 60s/ 80s and I have a pretty usual routine. Now, I want try some new things. I show you my selection 

Those make up will be great for quick daily routine. I really love oriental eyes with kajal. 

Here, make up for day and for parties the Horus eye which is amazing. I don't like the turquoise and I think I will replace it by purple. I like long lines and points. 

Goth punk interpretation. My favorite, the last with make up opening eye like a manga girl. It's a look from 1982, wore by Diane Lane in "Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Stains " movie. 
What are your make up goals ? 

jeudi 31 mars 2016

The Soft Moon Gig in Frankfurt : an epic moment !

First my birthday travel was to see The Soft Moon on stage in Frankfurt. We added Bosch exhibition and Utrecht few time after having our tickets.
So, it's not chronogical, but the concert was almost a shamanic experience. Luis Vasquez, the creator of the project added probably some magick to his music. I felt like someone in trance during an ancient tribal cult.

On stage Vasquez looks like a shaman. He plays in a mist but he has this kind of magnetic power  which have shamans that you absolutely don't care to see him. It's like he whispered thing to your ear to lead you in an altered state of consciousness for watching over the real world around you and inside you, feel you entire body alone just with sound.

I downloaded the final which was epic and beyond control.  Look at him, he is the Hierophant who raise souls with a perfect mojo in a gigantic orgasm.  Unfortunally the sound is very shitty because of my camera.

You can see / hear/ buy more HERE on the official The Soft Moon website
Enjoy !

mercredi 30 mars 2016

NOT ASKED ADVICE : body Hair and body acceptance

Its are my legs. They are unshaved since a few years now. 
Some of you probably think that's disgusting and awful. The fact is hair body, even on women body are a natural thing. It became a trend in the beginning of the last century when in Harper Bazaar they show a woman with shaved armpit. 
Now it's another way of stigmatize, shame and normalize women body.
I shaved my legs and body during a very long time even if my body hair is a real challenge : thick and growing quickly. It's my genetic but I fought them during years. 

As you perhaps know I have a congenital heart defect which is complicated ( and mysterious ). With age my health decline and ten years ago doctors add to my drugs AKV , anti K vitamin which fluidize the blood against clots due to arythmias. However, my blood is a little bit like someone with hemophilia. 
Shaved my body became quickly a horrible torture because I used razors. I bleed each time. So I've tried a trimmer but the results were very shitty. I've tried wax. Wax is probably a marvelous things but my body hair are so hard that just hurt me. So I went in a beauty institute. My legs were so soft, but half an hour after I felt sick. I never renew the experience.

Slowly I've accepted that my body hair is a part of me. First I unshaved me in winter and slowly I stop shaving me in summer to. I feel free now, free to live with my body smooth fur. My man never told me something against this choice. He's a clever man and know my sometimes rude nature ah ah ah. 

The fact is no one should tell you what is good for you or not, which is girly or not, which is nice or not. 
Body hair is a part of the recurring problem of body normalization. Like weight, like what you wear and many other things. 

Show your body hair is empowering your feminity. Look at Amanda Palmer. She's is georgeous even with her hair body. 

If your fur is a perpetual fight let it grow, accept them. If someone has a "well advised " advice just don't care, it's your fucking body. You must be free with. You must love it with his imperfections ( and what is perfection? We are all so different ) 
You can also read this good article from Everyday Feminism.