mardi 22 mars 2016


Hi Bats,

I was very busy with my job last few days. I worked hard for commissions. I must catch time lost with my health issues which is not easy. And now I'm taking holidays till march 29. I will try to update my blog. 
I just want to give you an idea of the program. We prepared it since a couple of months. It's my birthday gift. I'll reach 42 March 25th. I'm an old thing with a shitty heart. I must admit it's still a little bit stressful to travel with a complicated chronic disease especially when it's rare and unpredictable. 

First step of our travel is Bois-le-duc in Nederland, the hometown of Hyeronimus Bosch. There is a big exhibition of his work and it will be the first time I see for true his work. It's just like being in backstage with a rockstar for me. 
Second step of the travel is Utrecht. It will be my birthday. We want to visit the city which seems beautiful. And I have an appointment with the wonderful Alex from The Ink Society for a new tattoo on my right hand, a wisdom tooth. 

Third step of the travel: Frankfurt, where we will go to the Kalte Sterne Festival for Soft Moon gig. I'm really in love with Soft Moon I discovered few month ago. Their music is just perfectly electro dark with vintage sounds. I'm excited to see them on stage. 

We will back home Sunday and Easter Monday we will do a family reunion for Easter, and two birthdays: the one of my bro in law and mine. 

Have a good week and a good week end. If I will try to update my blog I probably post photos on my Instagram : @gruftimina , you can follow my journey if interested. 
My art shop is also open HERE, but I will ship till Monday . 

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