dimanche 27 mars 2016

Holidays OOTD: gothic wanderer

Hi bats, 

I'm back home after a really beautiful trip. It was wonderful and I will show you places we've seen in future posts and of course about the crazy Soft Moon gig in Frankfurt. 
Waiting more discoveries I will show you my travel outfits. 
This is my travel outfit, comfortable for long hours on the road. I hate being tight in my clothes when I need to seat for a long time. I'm very sensitive to arythmias due to my CHD and tight pants or skirt are torture. I cut the elastic on all clothes when it's possible even tights. I wear only bralette for the same reason. No more corset or bra for me since few years. 
So for travel I usually wore legging and loose sweater. 
For Soft moon gig I wore a very comfy lace mini dress with bell sleeves from H&M, Calzedonia lace tights ( with waist elastic cut of course) , fringe cardigan, a basic for me, from Zara and my bat winklepickers. 
Necklaces are from Restyle, EBay and Gypsy warrior. 
Morning after gig outfit: comfy skirt from 3Suisses, Soft Moon tee shirt of course, my favorite cardigan, old distressed legging from I have no idea ah ah ah, D-rings winklepickers from The gothic Shoes Company and glitter socs by Monki. 
For go outs if I added my thrifted boiled wool coat, Killstar scarf and my new beret. 
I found this veiled beret in super sales ( I admit my challenge is wearing only thrifted or super sales stuff )Utrecht in Monki store. I just love it !! I also bought kitschy cat socks in sales too. 
I have few gothic brand clothes, as a freelance artist I've learned quickly that brand doesn't mean a lot and since my 15 I thrift ( a lot ) and buy during sales and promotions. 
My only indulgence are for shoes and bags. 
I think I will do a more complete post about thrifting goth. 

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