lundi 14 mars 2016

MAKE UP: eye shadows primer bases comparison

One of my favorite beauty gesture is probably make up my eyes. I did it since I'm 14. My mother bought my first cosmetics and show me how she worked. Now we have a very different routine. However my major problem was, during long years, keeping in place my eye shadows. They still moved in my eyelids wrinkles which annoyed me a lot. 
And one day I discovered primer base ! A revolution. I've tried three differents one. I will go from the worst to the best. 
I'm using often Yves Rocher products. They are cheap but usually good. I bought their primer base in confidences. The result deceived me. The primer is easy to use with a brush or your finger. Wait till it's dry. This works with all primer base. After that I applied the eye shadow. I must admit it didn't last long before my eye shadows moved in wrinkles eyelids. A couple of hours not more. 

I love kiko eye shadows and many of their products. Quality price ratio is pretty good. The eye base is easy to use, and like the YR one you must apply it with brush or fingers. The eye shadows stay fixed the time of a parties or an afternoon, but not day long. The other failing is the primer texture which is not soft and become dry very quickly in is packaging. But if you search a basic cheap eye primer it's better than the YR one. 

my favorite ! A very very good product nicely presented. The brush for apply it is integrated which is a very good thing. The texture is smooth and you don't need too much for having a good result. It doesn't dry fast. Of course it's a little bit expensive but it's just perfect. You can find it in two different sizes and three different tons / actions. 

Do you use primer base ? What is your favorite ? 

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