jeudi 17 mars 2016

MY UNGOTH THINGS: Sunny day .... Almost spring

This week wasn't easy. I had some issues with my heart. It's still stressful because my heart defect is very complicated and rare. However I took some rest this week. I've tried actually. 
After few days at home, it was sunny outside and my man had the good idea to take me out for a small walk. It was a great idea. I admit that I like sunny weather which is pretty ungoth. 
I love the sun beams on my skin and the blue sky. I have the impression that I recharge the my battery. 
We've gone to one of our favorite place. A small church with a beautiful garden hidden in woods. 

Sitting here is being peaceful and taste serenity. You have a beautiful overview on the valley too. 

As we are on my lifestyle blog here what I wore: 
Asymetrical tee by Zara
Velvet legging by H&M
My favorite walk shoes, my jikatabis ( Japanese worker shoes) 

Necklaces by The Pumpkin Coven / glasses by Polette 

Do you like sun ? Spring ? 

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