mercredi 30 mars 2016

NOT ASKED ADVICE : body Hair and body acceptance

Its are my legs. They are unshaved since a few years now. 
Some of you probably think that's disgusting and awful. The fact is hair body, even on women body are a natural thing. It became a trend in the beginning of the last century when in Harper Bazaar they show a woman with shaved armpit. 
Now it's another way of stigmatize, shame and normalize women body.
I shaved my legs and body during a very long time even if my body hair is a real challenge : thick and growing quickly. It's my genetic but I fought them during years. 

As you perhaps know I have a congenital heart defect which is complicated ( and mysterious ). With age my health decline and ten years ago doctors add to my drugs AKV , anti K vitamin which fluidize the blood against clots due to arythmias. However, my blood is a little bit like someone with hemophilia. 
Shaved my body became quickly a horrible torture because I used razors. I bleed each time. So I've tried a trimmer but the results were very shitty. I've tried wax. Wax is probably a marvelous things but my body hair are so hard that just hurt me. So I went in a beauty institute. My legs were so soft, but half an hour after I felt sick. I never renew the experience.

Slowly I've accepted that my body hair is a part of me. First I unshaved me in winter and slowly I stop shaving me in summer to. I feel free now, free to live with my body smooth fur. My man never told me something against this choice. He's a clever man and know my sometimes rude nature ah ah ah. 

The fact is no one should tell you what is good for you or not, which is girly or not, which is nice or not. 
Body hair is a part of the recurring problem of body normalization. Like weight, like what you wear and many other things. 

Show your body hair is empowering your feminity. Look at Amanda Palmer. She's is georgeous even with her hair body. 

If your fur is a perpetual fight let it grow, accept them. If someone has a "well advised " advice just don't care, it's your fucking body. You must be free with. You must love it with his imperfections ( and what is perfection? We are all so different ) 
You can also read this good article from Everyday Feminism. 

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  1. Well, body hair is not a bad thing, everyone should do with their own bodies what they want and I am happy to read your pertner obviously is fine with it as well! (main reason why I depilate though is because I have a horribly sensitive skin as well, for me depilating helps against itching and having my skin accessible helps applying lotions and oils that will lessen or prevent redness, breakouts, itching, whatsoever...)

    1. Exactly , everyone should do what they want. And I understand perfectly your choice.
      I just wanted to show that we can also live with hair if it's a better way. I think we still must choose the best for us whatever the other think, but sometimes it's hard :))