dimanche 13 mars 2016

OOTD: Castle visit

Hi bats,

I was busy this week end and additionally had some health issues. However Friday I was in Strasbourg to see old friends exhibitions in Strasbourg. It was really great, sadly I didn't take pictures. You can check their page Re:Surgo here. 
Saturday we bought our new ( old) car and did a small trip for try the beast. 
We visited quickly a castle not far from our home in Wagenbourg. When I was young it was really a ruin but some people rebuild parts. 

I wore casual clothes. The weather was a bit cold, and for walk, even small I usually wear pants.
I love those velvet ones I've found on eBay. My studded jacket was found in second hand marker few summers ago. A little bit too big for me but I can wear layers under. 
Scarf from eBay, ouija board necklace from Killstar. 
And my beloved jikatabi winter boots. I don't remember where I found its. It was a Japanese store. I can easily close its which is not the case of most jika. Toes are reinforced. I enjoy feeling the ground under my feet especially when it's a ground of slippery rocks. I feel more secure with very flexible sole. 
Of course you need tabi socks. 

What shoes you wear for a walk in woods ?  Have you some favorites ? 

Next post will be about make up, and especially eye shadows bases.

2 commentaires:

  1. I can't tell how happy it makes me to find a newly started goth blog. I love your style and I hope you keep on blogging till the end of time.. haha. :)

    Those jikatabis are really curious! But they look so good and I can imagine are fun to walk around in!

    As for myself, when adventuring I tend to go for either my hiking boots or combat boots. If I know there will be long way or tough terrain then almost always hiking boots. :)

    1. Thank you for this very first comment on my blog ! It pleases me very much. Hope keep it a long time too. I made it like a hobby.
      Jikatabis are very comfy. And many people think I wear it for having evil feet ah ah ah. It's just comfy and stylish.
      Till I had its I walked with combat boots but too much slippery for me.
      When I don't wear jika for walking I wear palladium boots especially when it's cold, snowy and rainy.