dimanche 20 mars 2016

OOTD:Eko, Eko Azarak

Hi Bats, 

Brrrrrr it was cold yesterday, so we did just a very quick shooting during our walk. Without my coat I was just iced. 
I wore one of my favorite hooded cardigan from Toonzshop sales
Charcoal mini dress with "occult" symbols from H&M 
Biker style legging from H&M 
Velvet hat from Killstar
And of course my jikatabis for walk. 

I really love hooded cardi or jackets. This one is Asymetrical and pretty warm. You can hang sleeves to your thumbs. 
It was so cold that I forget my Jewelry, I wore my favorite cernunnos necklace. I think I will write a blog post about my fav jewelry trinket soon. Are you interesting ? 

And Eko Eko Azarak is the first line of a Wiccan chant to salute Cernunnos and some other deities. Someone on Facebook reminds me it and how I love it. 

Have a nice Sunday, first day of spring. Happy Ostara ! 

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