mardi 8 mars 2016


Hello gargoyles, 

Today it's international women's day. More The day for WOMEN RIGHTS. We still need it. We need it for our rights, we need it for our sake, we need it because patriarchy is still a wound in this crazy world. 
I must admit that for my part I was lucky. I faced not often machismo. It arrived of course, but really if I compare with some friends or other girls I read on web, my experience is not so bad. 

Take the example of street harassment. Sometimes men try to touch me , talk to me without agreement but not often. And when they try they understand very quickly that was a very bad idea. I hit men with umbrellas, with elbow, with bag.... I react very fastly because I hate, really hate, even with close people ( except my man and nephew ) touch me. It's my nature. This electrified me. So when it's family or friends I try to stay social of course but douchebags outside... I became violent. 
But I have a no secret weapon. I'm tall. And this sort of morons are not so courageous when he sized half than me. 
Actually with my size I experiment much more transgender hate. And since years now it's a cause I support because I've learned how hard it is to be transgender in a world full of non inclusive stupid people. However, I will talk about that in another post. 

In my job I never feel difference with men. I know some of female artists had problems and I read many things on the subjects. Last example of patriarchy stupidity, the biggest French comics festival didn't nominated any women !!! It was a scandal, but too late. The hurt was here and all attempts to correct the mistake were ridiculous. 
Now in goth circle i never feel much machismo even if I know that some guys are douchebag too like everywhere. But I felt more the transgender ( and gay ) hate, really. I was very disappointed by this dark side of the community. I, naively, thank that we are over gender questions.... The answer is no. What do you feel in your circles? 

Now for this women's rights day i want talk about something recent which choking me. 

I'm still disappointed when women judge other women life choices. CHOICES not compulsory things, it's important. 
My example is this amount of negative reactions after Kim k nude photos. Holy shit, she's an adult, she can show her body if she wants. It's her fucking body. Why react so badly especially when you are a woman. If We try to get out men tyranny  it's not for falling into another kind of tyranny. Let us decide which is good for ourselves. Our bodies, our choices. 
The other example is the total opposite. Why judging a woman weak when she decide to wear a hijab? It's the "same" choice than Kim K. The reasons are not the same, anyway I think it's private, but same moto: our bodies / our choices. 

Us p, alternative / goth/ punk girl we also made choices. And some people can be shocked, agree? But it's your body, your choices, my body, my choices. 

Reunite us for fight for true battles, there are many, so many: slave sex girls, rape culture, non accession to rights, forced marriages, street harassment, abortion rights...... The list is long and sad. 
Don't shot the bad enemy. Don't spit on ourselves, be proud, fight and believe that one day all women can choose their free as they dream it. 

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