mercredi 9 mars 2016

Patch me if you can....

Today no hot topic news even if i really want to talk about sisters Wachowski and how people can be hurtful. It's a blog post which will need a real clever cogitation. So i will wait the time for having a organized thought.

So, today i choose to talk to you about my daily bag. Bags were still important for me. I have tons of. I'm still in the search of the perfect one, in which i can put all my mess and which is not too big.
During this winter sales i think i've found the perfect mix, a mini fjallraven Kanken. Really good bag indeed, but need to be more personal. I've patched it.

- NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST ( Tolkien quote )  patch available here

-UNICURSAL HEXAGRAM (symbol from thelema with french roots representing micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic forces, like ankh for example )  and ABRACADABRA ( protection ) patches from Babalonmoon available here

 Left side of the bag:
- KNOWLEDGE PATCH from Explorer's press available here.
- LYDIA DEETZ PATCH from Diablo Jo's here

Unfinished right side:
-DONATE BLOOD done for raise money of American Red Cross, yes,  from Suspect here.

I need to sew this two patches, probably on the right side

 - ECUSSON from Blanquet for United Dead Artist here
- SKULL MOON from Killstar here.

And you,do you like patches ? do you sew some on jackets or bags ?

And if you are curious you can visit my ART SHOP HERE or on ETSY 
Et si vous êtes curieux vous pouvez visiter mon ART SHOP ICI ou sur ETSY

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