samedi 5 mars 2016

OOTD: Exhibition opening

Hey little bats, 

Since a few time I'm thinking about a lifestyle blog with a goth orientation. 

However I'm an old goth, I was a bartender during parties last century... Can you imagine? First I want write this blog in French but I think French gothic scene is almost dead. I enjoy exchanges with people from everywhere. English appears me the appropriate language finally. 

So I begin my blog with an easy post about outfit of the day. We were at a group show opening. Actually my man is involved in. My old bearded punk. Baldness drama I guess ah ah. 

I wore: 
 dirndl skirt trifted in germany circa new year. In wool, 5€ ! 
Silk shirt I found on sales a long time ago. I love the Victorian style.  
Wool coat from Caritas 
Velvet hat Killstar 
You will see i love second hand stuff.  

Winklepickers from Gothic Shoes Company are really comfortable boots and very nicely handcrafted. I will do a post about its. 
Found this awesome distressed scarf in killstar shop. Thanks sales ! She is just lovely, long and warm.

I wear a lot of necklaces. I'm heavy tattooed, so for example I don't wear rings because I have a moto tattooed on my fingers. I wear sometimes bracelet but with my job it's quickly uncomfortable. 
The bat is from Pumpkin Coven and the cross is an old one...a gift for my twenties given to me by university friends, so I let you imagine, a long time ago.

Do you buy  second hand clothes? Do you like goth vintage? I love 80s style and I'm fond of velvet. 


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