jeudi 31 mars 2016

The Soft Moon Gig in Frankfurt : an epic moment !

First my birthday travel was to see The Soft Moon on stage in Frankfurt. We added Bosch exhibition and Utrecht few time after having our tickets.
So, it's not chronogical, but the concert was almost a shamanic experience. Luis Vasquez, the creator of the project added probably some magick to his music. I felt like someone in trance during an ancient tribal cult.

On stage Vasquez looks like a shaman. He plays in a mist but he has this kind of magnetic power  which have shamans that you absolutely don't care to see him. It's like he whispered thing to your ear to lead you in an altered state of consciousness for watching over the real world around you and inside you, feel you entire body alone just with sound.

I downloaded the final which was epic and beyond control.  Look at him, he is the Hierophant who raise souls with a perfect mojo in a gigantic orgasm.  Unfortunally the sound is very shitty because of my camera.

You can see / hear/ buy more HERE on the official The Soft Moon website
Enjoy !

2 commentaires:

  1. Sounds like a perfect concert and birthday travel as well! (and happy belated birthday to you!)

    1. It was perfect. Next gig will be combichrist and Filter ( which is more grunge than goth, but I like their music since 90s, when I discover them in a soundtrack )