dimanche 6 mars 2016

Throwback sunday: hello young me

When I became involved in gothic movement, really, I was 19. I listened industrial and EBM music since  few years at this time but never change my strange and really awful shy girl clothing. I wore a kind of weird mix of hippie hats with men jacket and terrible jeans. And yes, was very shy with no confidence in myself.
I think we can call that : no look 

I had friends but I was still the good friends with men. It was very hard for me to be really social. I came from a small town, I was hungry against my poor health and wanted to be the nice girl my mom hoped ( now I think I'm failed ah ah ah ) 
After an epic failed love declaration to a really handsome man, one night of tears, I've decided to change. I'm someone radical, when I decided something I do it very quickly. Probably my Aries side. 
I tweezed my eyebrows, I became redhead and wore black. As a student I haven't many money, so I bought many second hand clothes. I still do it actually. My regret is to have very few photos ( particularly from parties, it was past century guys, no smart phones )

Shy baby bat with red hair in front of her collages. Circa 1994 I guess. I hate those collages actually.
Less shy baby bat, my mom took this photos. Circa 1995 
Yep, the cross I wore yesterday. Circa 1995/96? 
I love this photo. My mom took it before we go with a good friend to Die Form gig in Strasbourg. Circa 1996.

Probably the only pic of me as goth parties bartender. Yep, again the cross and pay attention to my best friend in my breast cleavage: the bottle opener ah ah ah !!! The funniest thing is that I'm straight edge due to my health condition. Circa 1996/1997 

One last, with shitty collages behind, circa 1998. 
After that I haven't photos. I lived my first love with a crazy guy. Not sure you made still good choices when you are young and try to be less shy. 

And you, what is the key moment ? When you became goth ? Why? 

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