mardi 29 mars 2016


This evening I was a little bit ill, probably a cold. I choose to rest watching TV and found a documentary about life of Ludwig II. Since long years Ludwig II OF Bavaria had a special place in my heart. I discovered his story through the Visconti's film in which Helmut Berger is just amazing. I've red an amount of books about him, I have his portrait tattooed on my left arm. 
I visited all his castles, but today I will show you Berg where he died. Why Berg ? Because it was delicious holidays with my man and the place is very peaceful. You didn't imagine that here, a historic German mystery took place. 

I also visited his grave. I have to confess that I had a very personal theory about Ludwig death. I dream to exploit it one day, perhaps. However....

 My other huge passion is Akhnaten another mysterious King, a pharaoh actually. I'm interested also by Anna Goldin the Switerland last witch, Vlad Tepes of course, Alan Turing ( I'm a geek and LGBTQ rights defender ) and some others on who I'm less documented. 

Are you fan of some historic people?

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