samedi 9 avril 2016

Fairy holes, oppidum and dogs

Hello bats,

Not really a goth post but today we hiked trough woods to see fairy cups. I must admit that I don't know what it was but there are some holes in rocks around a Celtic oppidum Heidenstadt or pagan city. 
We walked following the archeological path. The oppidum is the Latin name of city or village build on a hill during 1st and 2nd century before JC with fortifications. The ruins, close to my hometown, are important and we also have Romans old roads ruins. 

In the oppidum discovering offering cups ( fairy cups for my grand'ma ) for Celtic cult. 
The yellow dog is my mom's dog and the basset is our dog, a Gascony blue basset which is a rare breed for hunting. I don't think our will be good for hunt actually. He's just cute and nice. 
Engraved, by Romans,menhir border between public domain ( PVB) 
Tired after hiking.

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