mardi 5 avril 2016

MAKE UP GOALS: cleopatra style

The last week was terrible. The flu sucked all my energy, the fever too. Friday I was desperate because drugs changed nothing and I had, still have, an amount of work waiting me. But I was so tired that I can't leave my couch. So Friday I received a new drug and hopefully after a night full of fever and nightmares I slowly recovered. I still feel tired, but I can work and it's the more important.
However, during those shitty days off when I didn't sleep I scroll Pinterest and and particularly make up. 
I love make up very much. I love especially eye make up. 
My favorite inspiration came from Egypt / 60s/ 80s and I have a pretty usual routine. Now, I want try some new things. I show you my selection 

Those make up will be great for quick daily routine. I really love oriental eyes with kajal. 

Here, make up for day and for parties the Horus eye which is amazing. I don't like the turquoise and I think I will replace it by purple. I like long lines and points. 

Goth punk interpretation. My favorite, the last with make up opening eye like a manga girl. It's a look from 1982, wore by Diane Lane in "Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Stains " movie. 
What are your make up goals ? 

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  1. :-D I love to try new things with my makeup, yet i still seem to always go back to that crying / tears look which i always try to find new tricks for... but yes, egypt & 80s stuff does look great <3