jeudi 14 avril 2016

OOTD: join the hunt

Today we did a walk with my man's son and his girlfriend. It was pretty shiny outside. We wanted to show some nice places in woods to the fiancée. Even for a walk I have special attention for my outfit. First because I work at home and going outside is always an event and in second hand because I can't go out without feeling pretty. Is this sound weird to you ?

I wore my favorite second hand leather coat. I've found it in a second hand store few years ago. I love it. The color is dark green, not black. Who cares ? 

I'm am huge fan of Supernatural since the beginning. I follow each week the Winchester's journey and have a special crush for Castiel and Crowley. So, today I wore my SPN loose tank top. I've found it on eBay.

We are the weirdos, elder weirdos of course ! 
Waiting teens very seriously. 
First teen 
Second teen recreating an old photo we did 7 years ago 

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  1. Oh i would love to see the 7 year old pic though ^_^ nothing wrong with dark green coat - actually sounds interesting, in the pictures it does look black so i guess only sunlight makes it shine green? Seems like you had some great time!